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Volunteer Race Support

Volunteers should plan to arrive at the mountain early to report to their scheduled post in a timely manner; consider building in extra traveling time to and from the mountain, particularly during the early morning and afternoon hours and anticipate possibly waiting to park and depart, depending on the level of traffic near/at the venue.

Volunteers should be prepared to face the elements of Mt. Washington if assigned to the summit parking or finish line support. Conditions can be cold, windy, and wet. It is CRITICAL that if you are going to the summit, you have a minimum of warm layers, rain pants and jacket, hat and gloves.

Volunteers for the Mt. Washington Road Race are largely provided by New England area running clubs.  Additionally we are seeking a limited number of volunteers for a variety of responsibilities.  For additional details or if you are interested in volunteering for the Mt. Washington Road Race, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.