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From $45

Driving the Auto Road is about a new experience at every turn, even if you’ve already driven it several times. Weather, foliage, views … they’re always changing and keep the trip exciting. Drive yourself and earn the famous “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker!


WELL worth the time, energy & money!

We took the Auto Tour (a large van) & were so glad we did....lane widths are just adequate, and there are no guardrails. Smelled a lot of hot brakes! But oh my! What phenomenal views! The maples were aflame with color! And Mt Washington is way above the surrounding mountains, so you see peak after peak below you, as you look to the horizon, plus a few lakes. Just beautiful. Is we're ever here again, we may take the courage train up.

– Mary C. | Tripadvisor
Trip to the Rock Pile

Mt. Washington is a long time favorite of ours. We enjoy going up, not matter how the method. This time we took the coach. Kevin was a great tour guide!! He was funny, polite and great to listen to. The clouds and fall colors were wonderful. Way to many people, but have to share right. We can't wait to go again

– Jay C. | Tripadvisor
Exceeded Expectations

Had a truly awesome ride up the mountain yesterday in a 61-year old Morgan. The road is steep, bendy, and narrow but stay calm and in low gear and you'll do just fine. The weather yesterday was perfect and visibility fantastic in all directions. Because of that the road was busy and my biggest problem was big SUVs and trucks slowing down as I was going up to squeeze past each other. It is a narrow road but the views are incredible. Highly recommended--but do check the weather at the summit first.

– Jonathan K. | Tripadvisor

Definitely the way to go, don’t drive yourself, this is much more relaxing and you can see the scenery. Just the right amount of time. You also will get more from the informative guides also. It was overcast and foggy when we started but we went through the clouds and it was mostly sunny and actually warmer with no wind at the top, not what we were expecting. Unusual as our guide said. Definitely recommend.

– Daniel O. | Tripadvisor
Do not pass this up!

Going to the top of Mount Washington was the highlight of our trip. It’s amazing to see the forest change as you gain elevation and it’s truly like another world at the top. We debated driving versus the guided tour. I’m very thankful we did this. The price is reasonable and the guide was great. More importantly it made me thankful I did not attempt to drive it myself. You will learn a lot from others mistakes and save your brakes.

– Michelle D. | Tripadvisor
Awesome, amazing!

This was an amazing experience that I had to live. The views are espectacular. I’m not going to lie, going up there was a rush of adrenaline. I was scared but excited too. Kevin was our tour guide and he was so wonderful. Very kind, he was telling us all about the Mountains, trail tracks and everything. Loved this!

– Marleny H. | Tripadvisor
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