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Vehicle Restrictions


The weight limits below are referring to passenger and luggage weight, not the weight of your vehicle. These are approximate numbers used as guidelines.

  • Full size car or wagon: 1,000lbs (454 kg)
  • All minivans: 1,000lbs (454 kg)
  • 1/2 ton van, pickup or SUV: 1,200lbs (544 kg)
  • 3/4 or one-ton van or pickup: 1,500lbs (680 kg)

This is a CRITICAL safety issue on the Auto Road. Tested over and over again, we have found that if your vehicle is overweight on the descent, the weight is too much for the transmission to hold back the vehicle on the steep grades. It can cause you to use your brakes too much, which will lead to overheated brakes, or worse. Please keep the interior weight of the car in check.


  • Jaguar, Saturn and Sterling autos with automatic transmissions must show a “1” or “L” or “S” on the shifter to be allowed on the Auto Road. Transmissions showing an “S” must demonstrate that this shifter will allow the transmission to be locked into 1st gear.
  • Model year 2009 and earlier Honda and Acura vehicles must meet the same requirements as described above.
  • Model year 2010 and later Honda and Acura vehicles are all allowed regardless of transmission type.
  • No trailers, RV’s, or motorhomes.
  • No mopeds or scooters.
  • No dual wheeled vehicles.
  • No bicycles.
  • ATVs or UTVs are allowed on set days.


The size restrictions below are strict limits. The Toll House attendants at the base of the Road will measure any vehicles that they suspect may exceed the restrictions.

  • Maximum wheelbase on any vehicle: 176 inches (447 cm) (This excludes many limousines).
  • Maximum width on any vehicle: 93 inches (236 cm) including mirrors (mirrors may be folded in to achieve this width).
  • No pickups with permanent additions that extend wider than the cab (campers, rack bodies, or very wide mirrors).

If you have any questions about Vehicle Restrictions at the Auto Road, please call us at (603) 466-3988.