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Support Driver Information

This is not your average road race. You will need to READ and FOLLOW these directions to avoid race day stress for you and your support driver. Since your driver is not an entrant in the race, it is your responsibility to notify your support driver of these rules!


The logistics of racing up Mount Washington REQUIRE that all participants arrange their own rides down the mountain, prior to race day. You do NOT want to arrive at the finish and not have someone there to meet you with warm clothes, supplies and a ride down the mountain.

A ride down the mountain is the racer’s responsibility. Alternatively, you can walk / run down the Auto Road, but if you plan to do this, you must be prepared for inclement weather, or to turn around if you feel you will be too exhausted when you get to the top to get back down. There is no hitch hiking on the Auto Road for safety reasons (cars can not be overloaded with passengers).

Parking spaces at the summit of the mountain are limited and the reason for a fixed running field for the event.



Traffic on the Auto Road on race morning is limited to vehicles that are transporting a minimum of (2) racers to the base of the mountain following the race. Each race participant receives (1) “Auto Pass” that is attached to their bib (that tears easily) to give to the racer’s support driver. Each vehicle traveling to the summit on race morning will pass through the Auto Road Toll House and will be turned away or charged, based on the number of Auto Passes the driver of the vehicle presents.  For this reason, it is critical that you provide your driver with your Auto Pass prior to their arrival at the Toll House.

Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race bib example

(0) or (1) Auto Pass

NO Passage on the Auto Road

(2) Auto Passes with or without passengers

Normal toll fees apply

(3) or more Auto Passes & an empty vehicle

FREE Passage – NO toll fees

Vehicle Restrictions Apply

Your support vehicle will receive FREE access on the Mt. Washington Auto Road, IF and ONLY IF, the driver of the vehicle presents (3) or more Auto Passes and is NOT transporting any spectators to the summit of the mountain. These rules are necessary to maintain the 1,300 racer field due to limited summit parking and to insure a safe vehicle weight capacity for your down bound trip.


Vehicle safety restrictions ALWAYS apply on the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Share our Vehicle Restrictions page with your support driver prior to race day.

Weight Restrictions

Your support driver MUST have adequate space in his/her vehicle to transport the number of racers that corresponds with the number of Auto Passes he/she presents at the Toll House before ascent; if Toll House staff assess that your support driver cannot reasonably accommodate the number of racers (represented by Auto Passes he/she presents) for downbound transport without being overloaded (due to additional spectators and/or cargo contained in the vehicle) they will be turned away in the interest of safety. The safe operating capacity of each vehicle is determined by the estimated weight of passengers and cargo contained therein for the downbound journey after racer pick-up at the summit, NOT the number of available seats or safety belts. Overloaded vehicles (especially those that will be overloaded departing the summit) are a danger to everyone’s safety, and will not be granted passage. Furthermore, hitchhiking (and picking up hitchhikers), is prohibited on the Auto Road; unplanned passengers add weight to your vehicle and put everyone on the Auto Road at risk. Please do not pick-up runners that are hitchhiking!

Vehicle Restrictions

The Auto Road is a steep, mountain road and through the years we have discovered that some makes and/or models are not built for the rigors of decending Mount Washington; you can find additional details regarding these vehicle restrictions here.


The Road OPENS for support drivers at 6:30AM on the day of the race.

AVOID traffic; ARRIVE early and ASCEND the mountain: Runners and support drivers should arrive early, secure warm clothing and exchange Auto Passes and then drivers should depart for the summit well BEFORE the 8:00AM cutoff. The first cars up the road get the preferred parking spots on the summit and avoid the rush of cars trying to leave for the base.

The Road CLOSES promptly at 8:00AM to support drivers. NO EXCEPTIONS.


The summit of Mount Washington is often host to cold or inclement weather and is very busy on race day. Drivers must be dressed appropriately for the weather on the summit and have their racers warm clothes close at hand. There is limited shelter on the summit; please be prepared for inclement weather, and to be exposed to the weather if indoor space is not accessible. Racers and support drivers should make a plan on where to meet following the finish of the race.

summit map is available for download to help arrange a meeting location at the top.

The Sherman Adams building should NOT be considered a place to meet. The building will be closely monitored for overcrowding. If you need to access the Sherman Adams building, please do so, then exit as quickly as possible to allow access for the next racer.

Drivers should make a list of racers and bib number that they are picking up. This is especially important if you have only recently become acquainted. Note the racers number so that you can find them as they finish.

Runners should note the license plate number and vehicle description of their support car if they are unfamiliar with their driver. This will help locate your warm clothes and ride down. The back of the race bib is a great place to write details to help you find your ride down.


Your race registration includes a delicious turkey lunch for you to replenish all those calories you burned to the top of Mount Washington. Thank your driver for their support and buy them lunch so you can celebrate together. Lunch tickets available on the race merchandise page.