Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Northeast Delta Dental
Mount Washington
Road Race 

60th Anniversary race to be celebrated on June 19 & 20, 2021



This historic all-uphill run draws thousands of runners from around the globe to make the grueling climb to the summit of the highest peak in the Northeast.


7.6 miles
4,650 vertical feet
22% max grade


2021 FUNDRAISING REGISTRATION - SOLD OUT as of 12:00pm 2/8/21

Thank you everyone who has decided to run for heatlh! We appreciate your support!


2021 RACE Information

  • Subject to change based on NH State Guidelines for COVID
  • Planning for the worst while hoping for the best
We don’t anticipate that this virus will magically disappear by next June, and we can’t pinpoint exactly where we’ll be on the trajectory of vaccines and herd immunity. We do know that we take your health and safety as paramount to your experience here at the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Thus, we are making preparations for a modified event.
Please note specifics on rides down the mountain will be sent to the confirmed race field.
Race Day:
The biggest consideration you need to make when planning for this event is the race date. In order to reduce the running field, giving more time for a staggered, corralled start, while enabling support drivers to be within the same family or pod as the runners, we are planning to split the race field by gender. Ladies first! 

Women: Saturday June 19th

Men: Sunday, June 20th

If you would like to run with your husband/wife/friend/colleague, men will need to join the women’s field on Saturday morning because the women's field is a bit smaller in numbers. Men running on Saturday will not be eligible for prizes or awards. 
On both days of this modified race weekend, the Auto Road will be closed to the public until 1pm. 
IF policies and guidelines are relaxed, and we can offer a mass start to the race, we will notify you no later than 2 months prior to the event such that you are able to change flights, hotel rooms, etc. This would be April 19th. 
Other Potential COVID Modifications: 
  • Staggered start: approximately 7am - 9am 
  • Chip timing
  • New start line location on the mountain side of the bridge towards Great Glen Trails to enable staggered start times. Race distance will remain the same.
  • No race day bib-pickup; bibs likely mailed in advance of the race. 
  • Runners need to carry their own water; one filling station located ½ way up mountain
  • Support drivers are within the same COVID “pod” as runners; drivers can transport multiple runners ONLY if they are in the same family or close acquaintances
  • Possibility that there is no access to summit building; this will impact the way we release down-bound traffic.
  • Results via email / text
  • No running club / team tent area at the base
  • Post-race Hart’s Turkey Farm will be available as a “grab and go” option
Deferment Bypass Transfer:
We understand that life changes, especially in this tumultuous time. If you can no longer commit to running this race in June, you are able to transfer this deferment bypass code without penalty. April 15th is the last date to transfer this code and information. You can not defer your registration to the 2022 race.
Non-Deferred Runners—Random Selection Process for 2021:
Any prospective runner who is interested in running the 2021 Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race who is not currently deferred from 2020 will have the opportunity to sign-up to the race for the $105 race fee, plus commit to raising at least $100 for Coos County Family Health Care, the race beneficiary. This process, filling approximately 200 available slots to runners, will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
This fundraising option through PledgeReg will open on February 8th at 10:00 AM and will remain open until the slots are full or March 1st, whichever occurs first. 
If the 2021 Race is Canceled due to COVID:
While we hope that we move forward with the 2021 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race, there is the possibility of a cancelation due to this pandemic. Because there are costs associated with planning at different stages, we need to implement a tiered refund/deferment plan. Because the COVID pandemic is like nothing we’ve seen before, we (the race and the runners) need to take the risk of the event not happening together.
If the race were to be canceled due to COVID, participants would have 3 options:
    1. Deferment to the 2022 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race - participants will need to pay the deferment fee to register again for the 2022 race
    2. Refund - We’ll offer a refund of a percentage for the 2021 race entry fee
    3. Donation - You can donate your entire 2021 registration fee to Coos County Family Health Services
Below is a breakdown of our refund policy based on when a cancelation decision might be made. Note, the "deferment cost" would be what you would pay to enter the race in 2022. The "Refund" would be the percent of the total you have paid to the race (i.e. $95 in 2020, plus $20 in 2021 for those that deferred). And please know, we want to host this race as much as you do! 
Cancellation deferment / refund timeline:
11/1 - 1/31
Deferment: $25 | Refund: 75%
2/1 - 3/31
Deferment: $50 | Refund: 50%
4/1 - 5/31
Deferment: $50 | Refund 25%
6/1 to Race Day
Deferment: Full Cost in 2022 | No refund
Deferment and refund options are only available if the race is cancelled due to COVID19. Any individual donations to Coos County Family Health are not refundable. 




Runner Registration Includes:

  • Amazing calorie-replenisher turkey lunch from Hart's Turkey Farm 
  • Unique participant tech running shirt
  • Race bling
  • Warm fuzzy blanket for the finish line on the summit at 6,288' (home of the world's worst weather)

Race support / logistics along the legendary Mt. Washington Auto Road:

  • Water station to refill 1/2 way to the summit
  • HAM Radio operator communications
  • Summit parking for race support drivers
  • Mountain-trained Emergency Medical Teams at base and summit


The Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race supports local healthcare in the rural areas of northern New Hampshire. Each year the race makes a charitable donation to the dental division of Coös County Family Health Services through sponsorship by Northeast Delta Dental. Since 2012, donations total over 125k! 

The Mt. Washington Auto Road opens to the public for normal driving operations around 1:30pm on race day. 


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