Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Northeast Delta Dental
Mount Washington
Road Race 

60th Anniversary Celebrated on June 19 & 20, 2021






This historic all-uphill run draws thousands of runners from around the globe to make the grueling climb to the summit of the highest peak in the Northeast. In 2021, the international component of this race has been eliminated due to travel restrictions due to COVID. 


7.6 miles
4,650 vertical feet
22% max grade

Women's Race June 19, 2021
Men's Race June 20, 2021


Please read the following information carefully so that you have all the information you need for this upcoming race weekend. 


1) NO CUPS at water stations. You must bring your own vessel to drink out of. Again, there will not be cups at the water stations on the mountain. We have a little pouch you can purchase under the tent, or you are welcome to use a camelbak, fuel belt, squishy cups, etc. You need to bring your own cups, gear, etc. We will have two stops on the road, and one at the summit. At the stops, there will only be water. There will not be sports drinks / gels. 


2) NO BIB? We did account for the scenarios of lost-in-the-mail bibs, or bibs that were sent to an old address. If your bib still hasn't arrived by the time you depart for the race, visit us at the information tent and we'll get you set-up with a replacement bib.


3) MEN's BIBS. All men's bibs say "Sunday, June 20th," so men who have authorization to run on Saturday can do so with their bib. Men's bibs start at 1000. 

4) Support Driver Tickets. If you did not get your Auto Road Support Driver Ticket with your bib, pick it up at the Bib Resolution area (next to t-shirt pickup). You have until 5:00 pm today (Wednesday) to pre-purchase your pass online. On race morning if you still need to purchase an Auto Road ticket, support drivers can pay for it at the Toll House on their way up the mountain. Remember to provide your support driver with the tear-away Auto Pass from your bib so that they may present the ticket and the pass to the Toll House attendant. Your support driver MUST have the tear-away section of your bib to be allowed to drive up the mountain. The number of Auto Passes should match the participant number on the Auto Road ticket.


5) Spectators. The state of New Hampshire has relaxed its COVID mitigation policies, so we're happy to say spectators are now allowed up the mountain. Additional passengers will be $20 each, CASH ONLY, payable at the Toll House. This is in addition to the Auto Road ticket (which covers the support driver and participants) and is in line with the Auto Road's standard pricing. Children under 18 are free. 


*The WEIGHT of vehicle downbound can NOT exceed 900 lbs. This is a CRITICAL safety issue on the Auto Road. Tested over and over again, we have found that if you put more than 900 lbs in an automobile, the weight is too much for the transmission to hold back the vehicle on the steep grades. It can cause you to use your brakes too much, which will lead to overheated brakes, or worse. Please keep the interior weight of the car in check.

6) Merchandise. There will be some merchandise available under the small tent in the event field. Merchandise will be open Friday 4:00 - 7:00 pm; Saturday, 6:30 am - 2:00 pm; and Sunday, 6:30 am - 2:00 pm. 


7) Additional Lunch Tickets. Pick up in the Merchandise area under the tent. There may be some limited number of lunches to purchase on the day of the event.


8) Weather. Nothing happens on Mt. Washington without a consideration of the weather. It can change at any moment, and it is unpredictable. We reserve the right to modify the course and / or cancel the race if weather conditions are unsafe. A reminder there are no race refunds for a cancelled or modified race. You can check the higher summits forecast here: 


9) Hart's Turkey Farm Lunch. Pick up your lunch in the tent at the base—it will not be a drive-through. When you come down from the mountain, you re-park in the event field and then walk to the tent to get your lunch. You are welcome to set up some chairs in the field by your car and enjoy your lunch. We ask that all runners depart the base area by 3:30 pm. There will not be a traditional awards ceremony as results may take some time to configure. 

Race timeline (applies to both Saturday and Sunday):

6:00 am - parking open for runners and support drivers


6:30 - 7:30 am - Auto Road open for support drivers to summit. Your support driver MUST be upbound by 7:30 am. No cars will be allowed through the Toll House after 7:30 am. 


7:50 am - Runners queue for the starting line


8:00 am - Bag check leaves base to the summit. Be sure to drop your gear by 7:50.


8:20 am - National Anthem and pre-race announcements


8:30 am - Cannon fires


*Elites will start exactly at 8:30 am with the sound of the cannon in one pack of 15. All other runners will depart the starting line by two people, 10 seconds apart. It will take roughly 8 minutes for each group of 100 to get through the starting line. So if you are bib 1-100, or 1000-1100, you should be warmed up and ready to go shortly after 8:30 am. All runners should be on the road by 9:20 am. 


*You do NOT need to be in exact bib order for the start. So, as an example, if you are bib 300 and you miss your group, you can begin your race after bib 450 with no issues


*You get one timed event up the mountain.


*Official timing ends 3:05 after the last runner has crossed the starting line 

*You will get a participant medal and fleece blanket at the summit. 


*You will get an email with your results, and results will be posted on a board at the base near the tent. 


*Participants who are descending the mountain by foot: Remember, CARS have the right of way on the Auto Road when we are open. The Auto Road will be open to the public beginning at 1:30 pm. 


And finally, take a deep breath. When it's just you and the mountain, your perseverance, fortitude, and dedication will pay off. You have chosen to participate in one of the toughest races out there. And for that, we salute you!


Thanks again for your flexibility and patience as we work on making this event the safest it can be with ever changing information and regulations. 






Men running on Saturday will not be eligible for prizes or awards. 
On both days of this modified race weekend, the Auto Road will be closed to the public until 1pm. 
If the 2021 Race is Canceled due to COVID:
While we hope that we move forward with the 2021 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race, there is the possibility of a cancelation due to this pandemic. Because there are costs associated with planning at different stages, we need to implement a tiered refund/deferment plan. Because the COVID pandemic is like nothing we’ve seen before, we (the race and the runners) need to take the risk of the event not happening together.
If the race were to be canceled due to COVID, participants would have 3 options:
    1. Deferment to the 2022 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race - participants will need to pay the deferment fee to register again for the 2022 race
    2. Refund - We’ll offer a refund of a percentage for the 2021 race entry fee
    3. Donation - You can donate your entire 2021 registration fee to Coos County Family Health Services
Below is a breakdown of our refund policy based on when a cancelation decision might be made. Note, the "deferment cost" would be what you would pay to enter the race in 2022. The "Refund" would be the percent of the total you have paid to the race (i.e. $95 in 2020, plus $20 in 2021 for those that deferred). And please know, we want to host this race as much as you do! 
Cancellation deferment / refund timeline:
11/1 - 1/31
Deferment: $25 | Refund: 75%
2/1 - 3/31
Deferment: $50 | Refund: 50%
4/1 - 5/31
Deferment: $50 | Refund 25%
6/1 to Race Day
Deferment: Full Cost in 2022 | No refund
Deferment and refund options are only available if the race is cancelled due to COVID19. Any individual donations to Coos County Family Health are not refundable. 




Runner Registration Includes:

  • Amazing calorie-replenisher turkey lunch from Hart's Turkey Farm 
  • Unique participant tech running shirt
  • Race bling
  • Warm fuzzy blanket for the finish line on the summit at 6,288' (home of the world's worst weather)

Race support / logistics along the legendary Mt. Washington Auto Road:

  • Water station to refill 1/2 way to the summit
  • HAM Radio operator communications
  • Summit parking for race support drivers
  • Mountain-trained Emergency Medical Teams at base and summit


The Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race supports local healthcare in the rural areas of northern New Hampshire. Each year the race makes a charitable donation to the dental division of Coös County Family Health Services through sponsorship by Northeast Delta Dental. Since 2012, donations total over 125k! 

The Mt. Washington Auto Road opens to the public for normal driving operations around 1:30pm on race day. 


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