Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Above The Trees 

Drive your ATV on the Mt. Washington Auto Road during REGULAR Auto Road Operating Hours.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Annual Gerry Pomerleau Memorial Ride, we have decided to open the Mt. Washington Auto Road to ATVs on specific days in early June. 


-- Mon-Fri, June 11th & 12th

-- Mon-Fri, June 15th - 19th

-- Mon-Fri, June 22nd - 26th


 On these days ONLY, ATVs will SHARE the road with regular automobile and motorcycle traffic, along with our Guided Tours.



- You will purchase a ticket to drive your ATV up the Mt. Washington Auto Road that will be valid anytime during the day.

- This ticket gives you the ability to drive your ATV up the Auto Road ONE time on the day you have selected. 

- The Mt. Washington Auto Road is open from 8am to 5pm. 

- 5pm is the LAST time that you can leave the base of the mountain, and you would need to depart the summit to drive directly to the base at 5:45pm. 



- Electronic tickets with QR code

- Electronic tickets will be scanned at the Tollhouse


- Transfer tickets easily by emailing your ticket to someone else

- You can only purchase ONE driver per booking

- You can purchase additional passenger tickets at any time

- Only one scan per QR code

- Please have your ticket printed when you arrive



You will park in the Gravel Lot area to unload your ATV. Pull into the main entrance of the Mt. Washington Auto Road, and before the bridge over the Peabody River, turn left into the Gravel Lots. Please park efficiently. You then unload your ATV/UTV and drive it to the Tollhouse where they will scan your pre-paid ticket.


Your ticket is for anytime during the day you purchase your ticket. 

Your ticket is valid for ONE trip up and down the Auto Road. 

The Mt. Washington Auto Road is open from 8am to 5pm in early June. 


Ticket Transferring:

If you are unable to attend, you CAN transfer your tickets by forwarding the confirmation email to a new party; we do not need to be informed of the transfer. Note QR codes can only be scanned one time. Duplicate scans will not be admitted. 


 ATV/UTV Restrictions:

* The operator MUST have a valid motor vehicle driver's license 

(ATV safety certification not valid) 

* Passengers must be in a factory installed seat. 

(No aftermarket add-on seats are allowed)

* All factory 2-4-6 passenger ATV/UTVs are permitted

* Only 4+ wheeled ATV/UTVs 

* Maximum 25 MPH Speed Limit

* Vehicles must travel single file; NO passing of vehicles. 

* ATV/UTVs will travel with other automobile, 

motorcycle, truck, and guided tour traffic. 

* Eye protection required

* Helmets NOT required unless under the age of 18

* The vehicle must be operated on the normal Auto Road surface only

* There are no ATV trails and no off-road terrain available on 

Mount Washington

* Rental ATV/UTVs are not permitted