Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Mt. Washington Auto Road 

America's oldest and continuously-operating attraction

Dec 26, 2015
Auto Road Marks History with Brief Re-opening

The Mt. Washington Auto Road added to their long list of historical firsts the day after Christmas when they re-opened the regular guided tour service for 2015. Never before in the company's 154-year history have regular tours been conducted on the mountain in December.
Auto Road Marks History with Brief Re-opening

Due to the unusually mild early winter weather guided tours were briefly offered to treeline at 4,200 feet, or about 4.5 miles up the iconic Auto Road. Although the summit weather is considerably colder and windier, conditions at treeline were a mild 36 degrees with light winds.

"We're always happy to add to the history books, even in small ways." stated Howie Wemyss, General Manager on Saturday. "With the holiday week upon us and the opportunity to offer something different to visiting guests, it was an easy decision to celebrate this final day of fall-like weather," he continued.

The re-opening of the Auto Road is likely a one-day event as the forecasted weather for the rest of the week is much more winter like with snow predicted on several days. Normally by this time the Mt. Washington SnowCoaches would be in full operation taking people to this same area on the mountain. Wemyss said they hope to be able to offer winter SnowCoach tours by the end of the vacation week if the predicted snow arrives.

The Mt. Washington SnowCoaches offer a comfortable 75-minute winter tour by climbing to about 4,200 feet, otherwise known as treeline, which is approximately two-thirds the way to the 6,288 foot summit. Limited-time SnowCoach promotions have been extended to January 1st to give guests the opportunity to save up to 50% off regular rates.

Additional info can be found by visiting or by calling (603) 466-3988.

The Mt Washington Auto Road enjoyed a never-before December opening for non-winter guided tours the day after Christmas.