Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Hiker Shuttle 


All hikers must be prepared to hike down from the summit of Mt. Washington. The Mt. Washington Auto Road is NOT currently providing any hiker transportation to the base of the mountain due to COVID19.

We reserve the right to charge fees for extraordinary services rendered to rescue hikers. This may include any after hours trips, trips involving 4-wheel vehicles, or trips involving ice or snow travel. Plan ahead, know the weather forecast, and know the limits of everyone in your hiking party. 

Please note, reserving a seat on a 2-hour tour to circumvent the hiker shuttle is not permitted. Guided Tour drivers bring guests from the base to the summit and then bring the exact same group of guests down the mountain. Guided Tours are NOT a replacement for the Hiker Shuttle. Guided Tours start at the base of the mountain and end at the base of the mountain. 

If you are coordinating with a friend or family member to pick you up at the summit, pay close attention to the closing time of the Auto Road. We sweep the summit of cars exactly 45 minutes after posted closing. Thus, if posted closing is 5pm, all cars must depart the summit to the base at 5:45pm. Cars who do not meet this deadline to the base of the mountain will be locked behind the Auto Road gate.  

If we are required to dispatch a vehicle from the base of the mountain to transport hikers from the summit to the base, it will be considered a resue, and charged accordingly: 

Base rate for dispatching vehicle from the base $500
Adult $50
Senior (62 yrs. & older) $50
Child (5-12 yrs.) $50


*NOTICE: Hikers who find themselves stranded on the summit after hours in severe weather and require outside assistance from Mt Washington State Park or NH Fish & Game personnel to provide shelter or transport services fall under NH RSA 206:26-bb and NH RSA 153-A:24 for negligent conduct and may be subject to prosecution and state fines.


If you have questions, please call us at (603) 466-3988.