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Mt. Washington Auto Road, Gorham, NH




Opened in 1861, the Mt. Washington Auto Road is America’s oldest man-made attraction!


Completed and opened to the public in 1861, the privately owned and operated Auto Road climbs 4,618 feet from the base and reaches more than a mile in the sky to the highest point in the Northeast at 6,288 feet. Since then friends and families have driven, toured and explored the Mt. Washington Auto Road making it the first and oldest man-made attraction in the United States.

Acting as the crown of the Presidential Range, access on the Auto Road remains available via privately-owned vehicles beginning at the Toll House at the base or by Guided Tours which begin across the street in the scenic base lodge. The Auto Road is also home to many renowned events such as the annual “Mount Washington Road Race” each June and is also the host of one of the oldest car races in the country, the “Mount Washington Hillclimb” Auto Race, held on-and-off since 1904.


Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Washington Auto Road ... we hope to have you here as our guest soon!


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