Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH




Parking space at the summit of the mountain is limited; it is the reason we limit the participant field for the event.  Due to the high ratio of runners to parking spots, this event is only possible through racer carpooling and by pre-arranging your ride down.  For the above reasons, spectating for family and friends of participants (other than support drivers) is inherently discouraged.

Spectators are not permitted to travel to the summit on race day, unless they are transporting (2) or more racers back down the mountain, following the race.  For additional details, please see the support driver information.  These arrangements need to be made in advance; spectators should not expect to arrive at the base area on event day, to coordinate this process with runners.

If you have made arrangements to transport racers back down the mountain, after the race, please visit the support driver information in advance of race day, to prepare for your trip.

For individuals not transporting racers back down the mountain following the race, spectators are limited to the base area/start line at the beginning of the event, or they may walk up the Auto Road to watch, or they may purchase a seat in one of our Spectator Vans.


There are a very limited number of Auto Road vans that are used strictly for spectator transportation on event day. Spectator tickets are available at our Stage Office in our main base lodge (on the opposite side of Rt 16).  Tickets are not reserveable in advance, and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis beginning at 7:00am on race morning. Trips will depart at 8:00am and return to the base as soon as the Auto Road reopens for down-bound traffic.  Ticket prices are as follow: $36/Adult (age 13+), $16/Child (ages 5-12).



If you are coming to the venue to join in the festivities of the race but will not be ascending the road as a support driver then separate parking will be provided for you in the field by the event tent. Please be prepared to answer this question the morning of the race as our parking crew in the field will be separating traffic (cars staying at the base vs. cars driving to the summit to bring racers down).



Baby strollers of any kind are not permitted on the Mt. Washington Auto Road at anytime during the course of the event.



NO dogs will be allowed into the festival area. This includes the start area and the event tents that host the post race lunch and awards. Dogs are allowed on the summit but must be on leashes at all times. Your dog must be in a summit-bound vehicle in order to be allowed. We encourage you to be kind and leave your pet at home.