Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

COVID Policies 

Includes Support Driver Information 

2021 is a special year. We are planning to welcome back our community of runners, but safety is our #1 priority. We request your utmost cooperation and we hope to return to standard race festivities in 2022.

Event Policies:

  • The race has been divided to run over two days, women on Saturday 6/19/2021 and men on Sunday 6/20/2021 to reduce the number of people at the base, starting area, and finish.
  • Bibs will be mailed to runners in advance of the race. You will not be allowed to run if you do not bring your bib. 
  • Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event. 
  • Masks must be worn at the STARTING QUEUE and are strongly encouraged at the FINISH and when social distancing is not possible, even if you have had the full dose of a COVID vaccine.

Start and Course:

  • The starting line has been moved off the entrance to the Auto Road to next to our pond on Great Glen Trails system to accommodate the queue of runners waiting to start.
  • Runners will line up according to bib number, 6’ apart.
  • Runners will be seeded by the information gathered at registration.
  • Runners will leave the starting line two at a time, in 10-second intervals.
  • Runners should wear their masks up until they start the race. You do not need to wear a mask while running, but you should have your mask with you when you get to the finish line.
  • Please do NOT dispose of your mask along the course. This is a special mountain, with unique habitat, and should be respected as such.
  • Runners must bring their own water bottle. There will be ONE water stop at our “Halfway” mark, about 3.8 miles up the Auto Road. There will be water at the finish. Hand sanitizer will be available at the water stops.
  • There will not be any cups at the water station halfway up the mountain, nor at the summit. 

Summit and Finish:

  • Vehicles will head up the mountain starting at 6:15 AM.
  • Only the support driver is allowed to summit, no other spectators and passengers will be permitted to limit the number of people at the summit.
  • Support drivers need to have a pre-purchased ticket to drive up the Auto Road.
  • To drive up the Auto Road, the support driver must have 1 - 3 runner “Auto Road Passes” (a tear-away section found at the top of the participant’s bib) corresponding to the type of pre-purchased ticket for the Auto Road.
  • Social distancing must be maintained. Drivers and runners who have finished will be asked to stay at their support vehicle as much as possible.
  • Masks should be worn by staff, volunteers, and support drivers at all times; and runners who have finished.
  • After the runner finishes they will be asked to go back to their support vehicle to be ready to go back down.
  • There will be a self-serve water station with hand sanitizer.
  • Blanket, medal, and additional PPE distribution will be self-serve, supported by volunteers.
  • Staff and volunteers will actively work to disperse runners congregating around the finish area and require folks wear their mask.
  • We will provide one porta potty in each parking lot and four at the finish.

Rides Down the Mountain:

Out of an abundance of caution this year, the Mt. Washington Road Race is not hosting a forum or Facebook group to connect folks who need a ride down the mountain with those who are driving. We're working hard to integrate recommended COVID protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the event, so although we know we can't prevent people from carpooling with others who are outside of their immediate circle, we are unable to provide an MWRR-affiliated platform that serves to connect drivers with runners needing a ride.

Options to get off the mountain:

  • Have a race Support Driver! This is the best way to get off the mountain. Link to purchase a Ticket for the Auto Road for your race support >> (get them a lunch too!)
  • Walk / run down the Auto Road; note if you plan to do this, you must be prepared for inclement weather, or to turn around if you feel you will be too exhausted when you get to the top to get back down
  • Cog Railway (; the Cog Railway base is on the OPPOSITE side of the mountain, the western side, from the base of the Auto Road, which is on the eastern side. It is a 1-hour drive from the Auto Road base to the base of the Cog. You are be responsible for your own transportation. >> Tickets are purchased as round-trip tickets, and you have to alert the train in advance about your intention to only ride one-way so that they don't sell your seat. 


  • Hart’s Turkey Farm TO-GO for all runners (we encourage you to purchase lunch for your support driver in advance!)
  • Drive-through race shirt pickup
  • Drive-through race merchandise pickup
  • No designated area for running clubs and tents
  • No pop-up tents 
  • No large tent 
  • No awards ceremony: we will mail certificates to each member of a winning team and age group. We will mail awards to overall Female and Male 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with the NH Crossan cup winners.